Rebranding and Site consolidation

Site Consolidation - rebranding - information Relevance


A major utility responsible for supplying electricity was rebranding after being privatised and wanted to ensure its new website provided consolidated information and functionality to best meet the needs of its audience.


The audience for the website included a diverse range of users, from residents reporting street lighting problems through to commercial electricians and engineers needing accurate information about electricity supply and regulations.

We invited each of the diverse user groups to attend sessions designed to explore their specific needs and to identify any issues with the site navigation and content.

We also reviewed their Google Analytics to reveal the actual sources of visitors and their and on the site.


It emerged that the website had become bloated over time with redundant information resulting from lack of coordination in the site development.  More than half the site was not being used and the site did not clearly separate commercial and residential information.

Our findings provided a roadmap to develop a site which met specific user needs efficiently, substantially reducing demands on their call centre.