Mobile website optimisation

Mobile Study - Competitive Benchmarking - Decision Making


A major bank was developing a new website for mobile devices and wanted to make it the best in the market by benchmarking its performance against the competition.


We set up a usability testing facility where banking customers could use their own mobile phones to explore the websites of different banks in a workshop setting with other customers. During the workshops we explored in detail their decision making processes using mobile devices for banking services and developed decision-making journey maps to show the roles of mobile devices and other points of contact.

We also guided them through a series of tasks using real-time mobile screen projection and obtained their ratings of different websites to develop benchmark indexes based on a realistic evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the competitor sites.


The client used the findings of the study to ensure their site was the leader in mobile best practice and to integrate their mobile website effectively into other touch-points in the banking marketing journey.  Their new website has substantially more users and is recognised as a model for simple and efficient mobile access to banking information and services.