Iterative Testing Across the Software Development Lifecycle

Agile testing - Gov Agency - User Buy-in


The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) was developing a new system for mandatory gender equality reporting that included a website, a user portal and a back-end administrative system for the handling and maintenance of client records. WGEA needed to ensure the system would be easy to use and acceptable to its diverse user base.


We conducted 12 rounds of agile usability testing on prototypes across the development lifecycle – over 2 years - each involving one-day testing with internal and external users of the system on a range of system modules. Sessions were observed by project sponsors and a summary report of findings available less than one week following each test session.


The resulting system was delivered with a range of interface improvements based on best practice and user feedback obtained during the sessions. Many unmet system requirements were uncovered, some critical, which involved altering or adding functionality to meet the core needs of the users. Importantly, all user groups had an opportunity to experience the system as a prototype and thus felt a level of buy-in to the form and design of the software, and to the organisational change that the implementation of the final system involved.