Customer Awareness and Reactions to Online Self-Service for Insurance

Large Study - Online Strategy - Awarneness


A large insurance company with a strong and pervasive brand had developed a range of online self-service tools that allows customers to self manage their insurance. The company wanted formal and independent feedback on what their customers thought of the offerings, and given that take-up was less than expected, how it and the design of the systems themselves might be improved.


We conducted six focus groups with a range of existing customers, with most groups not having previously experienced the online self-management tools.  Through discussion and task-based testing covering desktop and mobile, customers experienced a broad range of the functions on offer. Those that had experienced online self service prior to the sessions related a range of experiences that gave us a set of mini case studies that provided insight into actual use.


Customers found tasks generally very easy to complete although a few areas for improvement were found. The most surprising issues uncovered were a lack of knowledge that the offering existed at all, and a lack of an explicit incentive to register to begin initial use rather than use the phone. This showed the company that what they had developed was valued and of high quality, and simply needed better promotion to encourage initial use.