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Services are aligned with the software development lifecycle, which recognises that development is iterative, particularly on the web.ServicesRead more about the individual services by clicking on the links below:

Digital Customer Experience Strategy

Align your organisation’s business goals with customer expectations, and deliver a quality experience for them on the web. The User eXperience is the way your customers interact and exchange with you, your brand and your online product. Optimising this requires an understanding of the target audience, and how to improve the online product and the business processes that support it in line with best practice.

Quality Planning and User Advocacy

Obtain User Centred Design Advice – assistance in integrating user testing and consultation into a development project’s lifecycle to maximise customer satisfaction and acceptance, and ensure the success of your project.

Stakeholder and User Requirements

Use a formal process to gather and document the needs of users and stakeholders, then analyse and translate these into a set of specifications. This ensures that the requirements of end users and business owners are clearly defined and delivered on in the final release.

Expert Usability Review

Conduct usability testing on prototype designs or websites by expert analysis against a set of usability standards by identifying issues and their severity, with individual recommendations for improvement. This is a good first usability test process that can normally be completed in two weeks elapsed time.

User Testing

Usability evaluation is conducted through methods such as one-to-one task based usability testing. Test designs with users at various stages of development – from early prototypes such as structural maps and visual designs by focus groups, through to late functional prototypes nearing launch. Identify 80% of usability issues in two to four weeks.

Information Architecture

Elicit new content structures for larger websites or validate proposed structures through user testing with techniques such as open and closed card sorting.

Online Surveys

We can design and implement on online survey to gather user requirements and preferences. 25 to 2500 users. Quantitative analysis and reporting of results.

Comparative/Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking

Check the relative ranking of your website or software system compared with the known competition, and determine which elements of each are most liked by users, and which follow best practice.

Interaction Design and Validation

Establish highly intuitive flows and develop wireframe designs from the ground up or refine existing by specifying the sequence of interactions in detail, through a process of user consultation and leveraging from best practice.

Eyetracking, Accessibility and Web Analytics

These services are offered by alliance partners in seemless co-operation. See The Alliance Partner Page for a description.