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UX Research website to close in 2017

After 10 years of service, this website will be closing mid 2017, to be replaced by the more modern which also reflects the type of work in which I have been engaged in recent times. Health problems since 2014, specifically my battle with double-hit lymphoma leading to a stem cell transplant, have prompted me to work less and more importantly in an area that I feel is so much more worthy than the consulting I have done for the Financial Services Sector. Frankly, I have little respect for the work of the FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) industry even though they have been a source of most of UX Research’s income since its establishment in 2007. I agree with a recent description of the financial industry as, “an overgrown parasite whose rapacious rent-seeking immiserates working people” (Levitz, Daily Intelligencer, April 25, 2017). Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people who I’ve worked with over the years, but honestly you could hardly believe some of the stupid marketing ideas I’ve recently seen the banksĀ  waste so much money on, while they suck the life out of the economy selling mortgages on over-priced real estate to the occupants of this nation – which now has the greatest private debt in the world.

No more – Now I’m back working part time teaching mathematics and helping students learn with technology. I’ve got a real job again, working to make a difference where it counts.

All the best,


John Eklund


Wednesday, May 17th, 2017, 12:51 pm, News