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What We Do

Brand + Usability Research

We combine usability research with brand and customer satisfaction research to understand the impact your platforms are having on your brand strength, customer acquisition and loyalty.

We go further than conventional usability studies by telling you how your customers are using your digital platforms and also what the experience means for their relationship with your brand.

Mobile Device Optimisation

Your customer expects you to deliver a seamless experience across all their devices – regardless of screen size or mobility.

 You need to understand how they use different devices in different ways to engage with your brand.

 We evaluate user engagement across desktops, mobiles and tablets to help you develop the optimum brand and usability experience for your entire audience

Studio UX

Studio UX is our custom-designed research studio in the Sydney CBD which gives you a first-hand opportunity to see how your customers are interacting with your digital communication.

Our specialised viewing facilities allow you to watch the screen activity of each customer and listen to their views about your website, app or computer program.

We can manage the full project or support you in conducting your own project using Studio UX.

Your Customers Digital Journey

Our Process for User-Centred Evaluation of
Websites, Apps and Programs.

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Customer profiling & brand pre-test

We profile participants for their attitudes, behaviour and experience.  This includes a pre-test to establish each participant’s perception of the brand being investigated.

Decision making dynamics

We develop a map of decision making dynamics based on user’s engagement with the product or service.



Our recommendations cover at least the core dimensions of website content, architecture, navigation, enhancements and design.

Needs analysis  

We establish the underlying needs and motivations of the target audience in relation to the type of product or service being investigated.


Multi-channel usability testing 

Mobile websites are no longer an option but are required as part of a web-presence, so where possible we evaluate on fixed and mobile devices

Brand health measurement

The impact of website functionality on brand health is significant and we compare pre-test and post-test perceptions to understand the differences.

Market segmentation

 We develop a user-segmentation within the project according to their perceptions of brand image, values and attributes




 We establish in-use benchmarks by requiring users to complete practical tasks that are central to the website functionality without assistance.

Customer Aquisition Retention and loyalty

Combining brand and usability evaluation, we put your customer at the heart of your digital development to help build your brand through stronger acquisition, improved retention and greater
customer loyalty.

Case Studies

Online marketing campaign evaluation

Campaign Evaluation - Analytics - Strategy

Mobile website

Mobile study - Competitive Benchmarking - Decision Making

Iterative testing across the software development lifecycle

Agile testing - Gov. Agency - User Buy-in

Rebranding and site consolidation

Site Consolidation - Rebranding - Information Relevance

Usability testing of designs and user expectations

Customer expectations - Comparative review - Design optimisation

Our Team


Paul Costantoura

Paul’s career has spanned brand research and advertising strategy in Australia and internationally. His reputation as a market researcher is based on considerable experience exploring the relationships that people have with brands and what this means for building brands that people love.

DR. John Eklund

John is formerly Head of Usability at a Software Testing facility and lecturer at Sydney University, with over 17 years experience delivering usability services to corporate and government clients. Has conducted a multitude of usability studies for a wide range of government and corporate clients.  He is widely published and has a PhD from Sydney University in the fields of Education and Human Computer Interaction.

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John Eklund: 0419 439 274

Paul Costantoura: 0415 097 400
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