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Our Approach

What we believe

We think that the best usability services are created by experts, not sold by account managers and given to junior staff to deliver. Our reports are not the coffee-table style picture books with dot-point observations that some usability outfits are producing. Our work is thorough and detailed – findings are based on solid research and provide real insights.


All UX Research services are fully customised to meet the individual needs of the client, adapting different methods and approaches to achieve the desired result in the available timeframe and budget. Most of the services described can be delivered in two to four weeks, depending on project size. We use a variety of methods to deliver services, including:

  • Expert analysis against best practice or defined standards
  • Surveys – online panels – 50 to 5000 users
  • In-depth interviews
  • Qualitative and quanititative analysis
  • Task-based observational testing
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Card sorting exercises for IA Elicitation and Validation
  • Eyetracking analysis
  • Click-tracks analysis
  • Ad-hoc review and advice.


Typically the services describe below all involve a set of steps:

  1. Meeting with the client to determine business goal or problem or requirement
  2. Identifying the approach that will most effectively meet the client’s needs and budget
  3. Formalising the services to be provided in a proposal and quotation
  4. Working with the client in preparing materials to deliver the service, such as test scripts, questionnaires or demographic profiles
  5. Delivering the service, such as testing with user groups
  6. Analysing and preparing a report, with prioritised recommendations
  7. Debriefing the results.


UX Research Reports

With prioritised and categorised issues, their severity levels explained in detail, our reports provide structured recommendations to improve systems, add direct value to development projects, saving on development effort. UX Research reports provide independent expert advice to business owners and practical guidelines for developers to make their systems easier to use.

Cost of Services

Flexible pricing includes the following options:

  • Fixed price for defined deliverables, or
  • Daily or hourly rates, with
  • Reduced rates for longer engagements or larger projects.

The cost of a UX Research usability consultant can be offset in many ways:

  • Decreased development time
  • Reduced redevelopment effort
  • Greater customer satisfaction on release
  • Increasing online signups/takeup or acceptance through ease of use.

UX Research services are very cost-effective as we don’t have the overheads of many usability organisations. The consultant who delivers the report conducts the study and manages the account, minimising administrative costs.  Experience has shown our quotes for usability work are about 25% less than our competition.

Our industry experience enables us to offer the RIGHT level of consulting advice to your organisation – enough input to add substantial value without over-testing, leaving budget for later rounds of usability.

Ask UX Research to quote on your next usability outsource project.