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About UX Research

UX Research (ABN 36 490 486 631) provides independent and objective advice for making systems simple for customers to use and effective in achieving business goals.

We undertake most forms of usability, interaction design, accessibility, eyetracking and also web analytics through alliance partners. We only offer highly customised research that meets your business needs. We work regularly with Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors and specialise in streamlining online signup flows to increase e-commerce.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of expertise in the Australian market at very competitive rates.

We DON’T have sales people, account managers or administrative staff – only experts.

You deal directly with the consultant who delivers the work from the start of the engagement to its completion. Quotes are provided without charge, however we require a statement of the selection criteria if the request is competitive.

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Who needs UX Research services?

A small sample of the types of clients we deal with:

  • Executives who wish to extend and refine their digital strategies and develop their online systems to better meet the needs of their customers
  • Managers of e-business systems in the services sector, launching or updating an online application/ management process who want to be certain their customers will find it easy to use
  • Corporate bodies with websites that have grown in an unplanned way, who wish to rationalise the appearance and structure of their sites
  • Business managers of Medium to Large enterprises who increasingly want to allow their customers to transact directly with them via online
  • Developers wishing to offer their clients independent testing as a part of their development methodology.

See a case study to further illustrate how we can help.

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